How Long Do Car Accident Settlements Take In North Carolina?


Car accidents can happen at any time, leaving victims with no time to react. The aftermath of these accidents involves victims dealing with their physical injuries and new financial burdens. From there, it’s in your best interest to research a trusted legal team in North Carolina. You’ll soon find a car accident attorney who is ready to fight for you and get you to a fair settlement. But it leaves victims wondering what these next steps are and how long this process is going to take.

Legal Process in North Carolina:

In North Carolina, car accident settlements can become a lengthy process. After an accident happens, the victim must file a claim with the other party’s insurance company. This leads the insurance company to investigate the claim to make sure everything is in order. They’ll review the evidence to make sure that the victim deserves compensation. This can take several weeks as insurers want to make sure all the details are trustworthy.

Complexity of the Case:

If the case is too complex, then that might affect the exact timeline. If the case is simple, with no severe injuries, then settlements can be resolved in no time. Leaving you to not worry about going to court. But, if there are intricate details of the case, then it can be hard to reach the necessary conclusion. If there were multiple cars involved and victims suffered severe injuries, then the case is going to be heavily investigated. Which can take several months or years, depending on the details.

Recovering From Injuries:

How long your treatments and recovery take also plays a role in your case. Victims of car accidents need to reach the maximum medical improvement before a settlement can be reached. This means that a victim needs to be in stable condition and doesn’t need further medical treatment. As much as it’s tedious to wait, this gives legal professionals a better idea of how much to calculate for your settlement. All the details need to be to reach a fair conclusion.

Negotiations and Legal Proceedings:

Once everyone is healed, negotiations can begin. It’s important to have a skilled car accident attorney here to fight your claim. They will be able to state the facts and get your settlement to the right amount. If these negotiations can’t reach a fair point, then that’s where litigation begins. These discussions slowly must go to trial to get to a comfortable spot. This causes more time to be added, which means victims must be patient to see where their case is going.

Insurance Company Tactics:

Insurance companies tend to assume that you aren’t sure what to look out for. This allows them to give you a smaller payout than what you originally intended. Your attorney will be able to spot these tactics and work on getting you the settlement that you are owed. While it’s frustrating, it’s important to let your attorney do all the talking. They know what to say and will make sure your rights are fully protected.

Dealing with a car accident in North Carolina requires victims to be patient while their cases start to get resolved. There are going to be details that are complex and legal processes that you must go through, which takes up your time. This time is to ensure that every piece of evidence is investigated, and the right parties are being treated fairly. It’s important to focus on your health during this time because your attorney will take care of the details. They’ll make sure that you’re covered, and that you settle promptly. After all that waiting, you’ll soon get the compensation that you deserve.