Learn Where You Can Get a Second-hand Car in Bangkok.


Though having a car makes life easier and gives you more freedom, many people in Thailand need their own vehicle because public transportation is unreliable and inadequate. The construction of subways and aerial trains is a pipe dream in Chonburi, Phuket, along with Chiang Mai, among other areas in Thailand.

Finding a Car That Fits Your Needs

  • Many different makes and models of cars, both new and used, are available in Thailand. There is a tremendous increase in the number of online alternatives to conventional car lots.

Modern Cars

  • If you are interested in acquiring a brand-new automobile in Thailand, your best choice is to speak with local dealers at various auto exhibitions and showrooms. 

Automobile sales lots 

  • Auto dealerships in Thailand are known for their superior service, advice from attorneys, and financing options. They have a wide selection of brands and models available at competitive prices and regular sales and promotions. Dealers may offer varying amounts of coverage and incentives for pre-owned vehicles. You should go elsewhere if you are not satisfied with the service provided by your current dealer. 
  • Drive around with a driving permit from your home country, Thailand, or another country to get a feel for the roads. Getting the finest service and answers requires a personal visit to a dealership, where salespeople may form opinions about you based on how you look.

Events and Programs that Highlight Automobiles 

  • New and used cars in Bangkok are displayed throughout the Bangkok International Auto Show in Bangkok every year in December. Discounts and sales lure automakers to the event. Test drives could be limited, and model deliveries could be delayed by as much as eight months, all because of excessive demand. 
  • Malls often have displays of miniature cars, however the prices may be more than at a dealership. In spite of these obstacles, clients still have the option of viewing and testing a variety of vehicles without feeling rushed into making a purchase.

Used Cars and Trucks

  • Finding a reliable mechanic and doing your homework before purchasing a used car are essential to save money.

Car canopies

  • Unauthorized used-vehicle sellers in Thailand are known as “car tents.” These automobiles are being offered for sale in “as seen” condition with restricted guarantees. On-the-spot financing is often offered in conjunction with vehicle tents, although financing companies may replace more expensive components or increase prices if payment is made in cash. The use of car tents is a viable option for locating cheap automobiles.


  • While exciting, bidding at an auction for a car can be perilous due to the high level of competition and the limited ability to check the vehicles. Investors, salvage yards, rubbish yards, and truckers can all take use of Union-Auction’s bilingual listings and premium services. Budgeting, inspecting, paying via internet money transfer, as well as utilizing clear bids are all ways to enhance your chances of success.

Premium, Offline Ads Only

  • The journal serves as a valuable resource for auto enthusiasts in Thailand by featuring advertisements for thousands of used cars. Print publications such as daily newspapers, residential complex newsletters, brochures, banners, as well as brochures still often feature automotive advertisements. There’s no surefire way to track down your ideal vehicle, but every once in a while, luck will be on your side.


  • In Thailand, you may find a wide selection of online car lots selling both new and used vehicles. Customers should exercise extreme caution because they might not have many choices available to them if the product turns out to be a lemon. However, prices on some online marketplaces managed by dealers may be higher than average.