Super Sus: Impostor Role Guide in Super Sus


Super Sus is a game of wits and betrayal, all depends on the role you will get in each game. To start, the spaceship must be filled with up to 10 players. The spaceship should be comprised of two Neutral roles, two Impostor roles, and six Spacecrews.

Although Impostors serve as the antagonists inside the spaceship, the game actually revolves mainly around this character making them the real protagonist of the game. To understand the characteristics of the 13 Impostors, we made this guide. And if you decided to spend more Golden stars, just go here to top up Super Sus murah.


The Impostor is the beginner-friendly type in Super Sus. Just like the original where the game is based, Impostors can easily blend in with the Spacecrews by traveling through vents inside the spaceship. The main goal of the Impostor is to pick off the members of the ship one by one while they are busy doing their tasks.

To use this character efficiently, picking which facility to sabotage is crucial. Plus, the familiarization with the positioning of the vents will also be greatly helpful.


As the Spy in Super Sus, your role is to pick a random player to put a mark on as the game begins or after an Emergency Meeting. The best part of being a Spy is that you can deceive other players by disguising them as other players while killing another. However, the only drawback of a Spy is the inability to use vents.


Similar to the Impostor, the Vigiler can also use vents. However, the Vigiler does not actually use the vents, instead, a portal. Through the portals, you can easily travel from one area to another. But make sure to only use the portals when there are no other players present nearby.


A Conjurer is the curse user in Super Sus game. To one by one eliminate members of the ship, you can choose a player to curse. Once a player is cursed, they will die in a snap after a short time duration. The thing is, other players can see while you are placing a curse.

That being said, you have to make sure that the coast is clear before cursing a player. Immediately go inside the vent and leave them wondering and dying afterward.


As the name suggests, playing as Undertaker allows you to lift corpses and transfer them to other places. What you can do with this role is to put the corpses in areas that do not have tasks. If ever you get busted while carrying a corpse, you can pretend to be the Doctor and carry it to the Medbay. The only problem is that, unlike the Doctor, you cannot revive the dead.


Among all the other Impostors, the Janitor is the only one who cannot just do a kill after a kill. The thing about the Janitor is that they can clean up dead bodies to remove any traces of them to prevent reports. However, using this ability to clean up dead bodies will use the same countdown for killing. So, it’s best if you stick or stay close to the other impostor and make sure to work together.


For the Chameleon, an invisibility cloak is your strongest suit. You can easily become unseen for a short duration once you use this ability. However, doing any action aside from walking will expose you to your cover.


Blackjack is the character for players who are risk-takers. In every Emergency Meeting, the Blackjack can vote for anyone and guess their roles. If the Blackjack correctly guesses the role, the member will be instantly eliminated. Consequently, making a wrong guess will eliminate the Blackjack.


Using a flashbang, this character can blind the crew and go for a kill. Before the crews can recover, make sure to flee the scenario and make sure no one gets a glimpse of you.


Among all the impostor roles, Puppeteer remains the best character to use. With this character, you will have the ability to choose an unfortunate crew member and lock a pact with them without them knowing. After a few seconds, you will be able to fully control them and do a swift kill. You can do this even if your real body is away from them. Talk about overpowered characters.

Bounty Hunter

If you are the type of impostor player who wants to go all out in killing the members, then the Bounty Hunter is the best pick for you. Playing this, you will receive a kill contract. When successfully done, your kill CD will reduce to only 3 seconds. However, if you killed a player outside the contract, it will go back to 45 seconds.


With this character, you will have the ability to incinerate a crew member. After death, the Dementor can reincarnate in a separate body of another crew member. This is the power of a mighty Dementor.


As a ninja in Super Sus game, speed, and precision with the use of shuriken are your best abilities. When using this, you can choose a crew member to mark and kill in an instant using your shuriken. What’s impressive about this is that you can kill the marked player from anywhere on the map by using the shuriken and blinking to their position. Once you blink to their position, you will have a temporary invisibility.

If you have already chosen the best character for you, you can actually make the look better by customizing. But before that, you will be required to spend some Goldstar, just go and Buy now.