Tips for Negotiating an Insurance Settlement


One thing that needs to be understood by a lot of people who are looking for the need of insurance to cover their damages is that it is a business and it does think about its own profitability.

There is a great level of negotiation that is needed when it comes to settling a deal. The adjusters from the insurance company can come and talk you through the interests of the company and its policies, and just like that you need to represent your own case to them.

A car accident lawyer can help you through this process and make it easy for you to understand how the negotiation is done with the insurance adjustments. A number of things play a huge role in making the negotiation more reliable and successful. Gear up to know more.

Understanding of the Policy

Insurance policies can be sometimes difficult to understand as they contain a lot of jargon and some terms that are not easy. So, if you really want to get some benefit out of your insurance claim then you need to understand the policy from start to finish.

Try and look for the terms and conditions that are linked to the policy. Also, look at the kind of losses that are covered and the payment the insurance company makes in place of them. In case of accidents, there are different policies for the damage to the vehicle and for the damage to the property

Also, there is a lot of play that is being done by using words and twisting them. So, if you are familiar with such terms, you can set up some very realistic expectations for yourself.

Keep a special look at the exclusions that are present in the policies. It does help you in getting additional coverage if it is necessary. Also, with proper know-how of these, you will not be wasting more time in the areas where the policy is not providing the needed support.

Here are some of the factors that can help in the proper negotiation of insurance.

Keep the Documentation

One more thing to keep in mind here is that proper documentation can make a huge difference. In the case of car accidents,  without the documentation and the proper evidence, it is only a blame game that you are getting yourself into.

The proper documentation of the medical records, photos, videos, and repair estimates can make it way easier for the parties involved in the accident to navigate through it.

This documentation also makes sure that neither of the expenses is overlooked when the case is being handled. This does take into account every single damage that occurred, either major or minor.

Calculate the Realistic Settlement Amount

Going through the complexities of the insurance settlement can be really challenging. Now, if one knows the way to calculate the actual and realistic amount of the settlement, they already know the amount of compensation that they deserve for the damages that they have gone through.

A personal injury lawyer can help you out better in this matter. They can help you understand the difference between the actual damages and the costs to be occurring in the future.

Actual Damages

Actual damages are the ones that actually occur. These can be considered as tangible and intangible.

Tangible Damages: These are the damages that can be quantifiable like medical bills, lost wages, and repair costs. These also include any other expenses that went from your pocket during the incident.

Intangible Damages: These damages are more subjective in nature and include the suffering and the pain a person goes through in the aftermath of the accident. These are actually a little tricky to quantify but a lawyer plays his role here in the calculation of the compensation that canoes with intangible damages.     

Future Costs

These are costs that have occurred already but will be expected in the future. These can be:

Future Loss of Earning: If the injury has affected your ability to work, permanently or even temporarily, you will be missing out on the promotion, bonuses, and other related ,  future loss of earnings.

Projected Medical Expense: These are the injuries that require medication, further treatment, or rehabilitation in the future.

Settling on an Acceptable Amount

Now that you are calculating the actual and the projected settlement amounts, it is best to decide wisely on what is the acceptable settlement offer for you. A lawyer can help you out better in such matters.


When it comes to negotiation for the insurance settlement, just try and be as flexible as you can, but do not settle for the first offer ever. Do your proper research and make sure that you have the right evidence and your own calculation of the claims that you will be making an offer for.