What is Football Hybrid? Instructions on How to Eat Hybrid Easily


Eat football is a fairly new term for online soccer bettors. To put it simply, eating hybrid refers to a fairly new way to make money online, with low risk but extremely high rewards. So let’s join New88 today in defining hybrid eating and how to eat hybrid regularly in football!

What is the definition of football?

Football select or sports select has long become an extremely attractive entertainment subject, loved and accepted by many players. Participating in online select, players will predict developments in a match or sports match. If they guess correctly, they will receive a reward according to the bet.

Besides making money by select, some players choose to bet to get huge profits. To put it simply Eat football is the commission received due to the difference between the house bet and the select bet you provide to your customers.

In hybrid select, the player acts as an intermediary, or broker, to receive bets and place bets for other players according to the select orders from the customer. As an intermediary, you receive trust from other players to choose reputable select addresses, participate in transactions and redeem rewards for customers.

The profit players earn is based on the amount of commission provided by customers or the difference in redemption rate. The important factor in this job is the reputation both from the house and the customers you support.

Instructions on how to get rich simply from playing football

Just like other service industries, this hybrid job will help you earn bonuses easily, without having to think or bet capital… However, beginners are just starting out. When entering the profession, let’s learn the following ways to gain more experience:

Get rich from taking football bets

Form Eat football The most common is the intermediary who accepts select bets. To receive this position, you first need to find a reputable, standard playground that provides a variety of different forms of entertainment to support more customers.

After downloading the app and registering for the game, you need to deposit money into the app to place bets. Depending on the customer’s needs, which soccer odds table to bet on, the select window and the bet amount, etc. When there is a winning result, the bonus will be returned to the player after deducting the original bet. and commission fees. On the contrary, when you lose a bet, you need to get money back from your customers.

For example: The classic match between Arsenal and Manchester City is about to take place in a few hours. Please deposit a bet of 10 million VND in advance. Next, the player contacts his customer and places a bet according to the instructions. The customer bets 8 million and the following situation will occur:

  • If you win a bet at a rate of 1.00, the player will receive 8 million VND in return, you will receive a commission from 200k – 1 million, equivalent to 2-10%.
  • If you lose a bet, the player loses 8 million VND, you get a refund of 8 million VND along with a commission fee of 2-5%.

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Bet on football from the bookie to get rich

Besides earning money from customers, you can also make money as an intermediary from the house or by registering as an agent here. Players will be responsible for promoting and bringing the names of the playgrounds to fans. Guide games, bets and bonuses from a percentage of commission on the number of referred players and bets!

Some notes when winning in online select

As you can see, although a hybrid job is quite easy to make a large amount of money, it has many different risks. Let’s learn some notes below to consider before choosing this job:

  • First, if a player chooses to do a hybrid job, he must take the time to learn and evaluate the playground and his customers. Because not all playgrounds are reputable and not all customers are trustworthy. Because it acts as an intermediary, if either side has a problem, the player will suffer the loss.
  • Second, eating hybrid requires participants to have experience and knowledge. Not only are you talented in speaking, professional and friendly, you also need to be creative to come up with attractive house promotion programs.
  • Relationships in business are extremely important, only people who love to communicate and have wide relationships can easily make huge money with this profession!


The above article has helped you learn about work Eat football and a very simple way to get rich. Hopefully the information shared by  New88 above will help you have a more accurate view of this profession!